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Ameo Vs Amaze: Why To Choose Volkswagen Ameo Over Honda Amaze

Volkswagen group of automobiles, the German technology based automakers are one of the leading brands in Indian market as well. Still, the competitors like Honda Maruti Suzuki and so on brings daily base competition for Volkswagen. In the subcompact category as well, the star model of Volkswagen Ameo always have a neck to neck competition with Honda Amaze. Honda is a pre-established and pre accepted brand of Indian automobile Industry. Honda Amaze was launched in year 2013 whereas Volkswagen released its tough and advanced competitive model Ameo in 2016. Both the cars belong to same category yet promise a different set of specifications and features on grounds of comfort and efficiency.

Ameo Vs Amaze: Why To Choose Volkswagen Ameo Over Honda Amaze - Mody Group

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Belonging to same category there was no noticeable different in length whereas Ameo leads in width and height from Amaze i.e. Ameo have a width of 1682 and 1483 width and height respectively in comparison of 1695 and 1501 height. The power generation differ for both the models in a considerable amount as, where the Amaze is able to produce 89 BHP power at 600 rpm, Ameo provides 109 BHP at lower (4000) rpm. Producing a torque of 110 Amaze still lags behind as Ameo on same hand provides 250 Nm torque. Even if you measure efficiency on grounds of mileage and hence economy. Ameo gives a good mileage of around 21.66 KMPL (as measured by ARAI) whereas that for Amaze is 19.5 KMPL. Apart from these specification differences, both cars works on manual transmission and have 5 gears. Honda Amaze is powered by 1199 cc engine and that for Ameo is 1198 cc engine.

Ameo Vs Amaze: Why To Choose Volkswagen Ameo Over Honda Amaze - Mody Group

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Volkswagen has always aimed at providing comfort to its customers at any cost (usually worth). Ameo, a car based on the traditions of Volkswagen consists of such features. The air conditioner of Ameo is automatic climate control based whereas that for Amaze is kept manual. Amaze provide only tilt option for steering adjustment whereas Ameo gives tilt and telescopic options. Cruise control option is also available for the Ameo riders. Parking assistance is not provided in Amaze whereas this role is played by Reverse camera in Ameo. For the comfort of driver, Ameo gives and armrest option at driving seat for your long drives! Along with this, in Ameo, adjustable headrests are provided at both front and rear ends other conviniency or “luxury freak” features such as sunglass holders, cooled glove box and driver armrest storage are promised by Ameo.

Ameo Vs Amaze: Why To Choose Volkswagen Ameo Over Honda Amaze - Mody Group

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Even when you compare both the premium models on the field of looks and exteriors, you have a better view of differences. The front tyres of Ameo are 195/55 R16 (all tyres) whereas that for Amaze is 175/65 R14. Both front and rear tyres have identical dimension. The available colours in both the models are also varied as Volkswagen Ameo is made available in exotic colours such as capiz blue, carbon steel, candy white and likewise whereas Amaze is present in the traditional colours of Indian markets such as golden brown, radiant red, lunar silver metallic and so on. Although both the cars have a good count of differences, similarities record a considerable amount too. Antilock braking system, engine immobilizer, heater, front seat pockets are some similar features of both the models.

Amaze was launched three years ago than Volkswagen Ameo and thus have a not sp huge difference in expense if you want to opt for a car promising comfort and efficiency at its best. Amaze is available at a price of Rs 6.69 lakhs whereas expense for Ameo remains at a bit hike around Rs 9.09 lakhs. Yet, being equally economic, Ameo proves to be a one-time big investment as it offers a better mileage than Amaze. Instead of paying more at oil pumps, pay more for a brand that choice is totally upto the customers or “The Smart Customers”.