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Geneva Motor Show 2019: Volkswagen Steals the Show with Four World Premiers

German technology based automobile industry Volkswagen stole the attention of all the car enthusiasts and experts by launching its four premium models at Geneva International Motor Show 2019. The launch was made remarkable by four world premieres - Volkswagen ID buggy concept, the upcoming eighth generation Passat, it's sedan, T-Rock and also Touareg V8 TDI. The basic principle of all these vehicles was focused on two major phenomenons i.e. electric mobility and performance. All the vehicles are strictly designed as per the efficiency standards of Volkswagen. These four world premiers by the brand, ruled the show attracting a lot of market interest to their technology advancement and unique specifications.

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Volkswagen ID Buggy Show Car 2019 - Geneva International Motor Show - Mody Group

Volkswagen new launch, ID buggy is a new face of the category of cars designed on the algorithms of modular electric drive matrix i.e. MEB. The experts of the technical team of Volkswagen stated that the looks and design of electric concept car is a derivative of the popular US dune buggy, modified as per the markets of 21st century. Providing it a whole new look yet keeping basics of US dune buggy back from sixties and seventies. For the primitive Buggy design, the Beetle chasis acted as the base for the buggy. In present time same, flexibility is provided by MEB technique. Thus Volkswagen again proves to be a strong base. Size, battery and drive, all measure elements are determinable thus enabling a convenient configuration for the models irrespective of their segment categories. The on-field potential of ID buggy is still an awaited parameter but if you go by stats, the car is totally going to be efficient and quality driven.

Keeping the scale of class and comfort high, the new update i.e. Passat eighth generation is all set to make a huge impact on automobile markets. The eight generation Passat is made even more comfortable and classier thus ensuring a better driving experience. Travel assist is a key feature of the new premium Passat which makes it the very first Volkswagen model to have an in-built travel assistance system. It can travel partially automated at an acceleration up to 210kmph. The interactive interface is provided by sensing of touch by the driver over the steering wheel. The Passat, eighth generation may come to the race on-field by springs of this year.

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Volkswagen T-Roc - Geneva International Motor Show - Mody Group

Another attraction, specially for adventure and sporty-drive lovers was the Volkswagen T-ROC R. Which according to figures, launched by brand was found to be extremely effective on the markets under sports car category. The specifications of T-ROCR were enough to let you believe in its potentials. The 2.0 litre four-cylinder TSI engine which produces a power value up to 292 BHP and 400 Nm of torque enabling it to cover large distances in seconds. The car is tested and found to be capable of racing from 0-100 KMPH in just 4.9 seconds whereas for the safety reasons the maximum achievable time is kept 250 KMPH, examined electronically. Having such a quick pickup makes it suitable for the sporty rides in deserts or an important racing even ensuring a definite win.

Along with these models, Volkswagen automobiles showcased their most dynamic and powerful SUV in diesel variant, The Touareg V8 TDI, at Geneva Motor Show 2019. The vehicle provides enormous power throughout the drive, having the advanced German technologies. The Toureg V8 version is found capable of generating 405 BHP of power and 900 Nm of torque. The standards of the specifications of the V8 version. The comfort and better driving experience is promised by features line four-corner air suspension and many more.

Volkswagen Touareg - Geneva International Motor Show - Mody Group

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By launch of these four world class models Volkswagen is the new and hot topic of discussion all over the automobile market. As promised earlier, Volkswagen proves to be revolutionary in the automobile industry, by launch of these four models at Geneva Motor Show 2019. Thus the show was totally worth and quality providing by the Volkswagen group of automobiles.