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The 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mark 8 Shows Of Its New Looks

Volkswagen automobiles released some iconic and extravagant picture of the existing Volkswagen’s seventh-generation Golf. The next generation Golf to-be called Golf Mark 8 is ready to run into the market as the eight generation Golf around the markets of Europe. This evolution in present models will be present in the list of running automobiles of United States in 2020. This new compact hatch by Volkswagen is designed appropriately for an elegant look as it's pictures suggest. Thus, giving a different and sophisticated look to the previous generations, Volkswagen is ready to show up with it's new and advanced eighth generation Golf.

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mark 8 Shows Of Its New Looks - Mody Group - Volkswagen Dealers

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The rear end of the Golf is designed to generate a funky look for the car. Its headlight shape have an extend chrome bar running over the head of the lights, extending to front fenders. These modern LED looks, appreciable giving a higher trim version of car. The front look of the car consisting R-line appearance package with front bumper details makes its looks aggressive and bold.

Calling it a replica of the Golf of other generations will not be appropriate. Yet to an extent, it is true. The chunky C-pillar, a squared-off greenhouse, a rigid character line running along side and so on are some features which are recognizable for a Golf model. Adding to this, the wheel designs are also a bit twisted adding more interest to the design.

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The eight-generation Golf’s designing is done strictly as per Volkswagen’s MQB architecture, which ensures only a slight change in its dimensions and footprint. No new generation of Golf due to some architectural designing protocol. The front and rear over hangs are kept a bit shorted and compact as compared to previous generation Golf’s to maintain the chunkier proportion of this model with a slight change in design of the model Golf, Volkswagen automobiles are now launching a change in its iconic logo which rests on the rear front of the new Golf. Some giant stickers are provided at exterior of the body of car to hide the new and thin LED taillights that helps in giving a spacious look to the model’s width. As per the recent snaps of the car, the vibrant and classy lime green colour ensures that VW is already changing and adding the pattern of availability of the colours of models in Golf. The colour palette will be selected and made available as per the algorithms of Golf’s spectrum colour customization program. The launch of the new Generation Golf in U.S.A. market is delayed for one more year. Yet, availability of different variants still holds suspense as the VW has not launched the variants in which new Golf would be available. As per the sources 8 new version of Golf will not have as many variants as earlier versions did. Although,  offering the same efficiency and comfort as the previous models provided and may incredibly increase it's scale of perfection.