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The All New Volkswagen Passat 2019: Inside And Out

Volkswagen’s sub-compact sedan, Passat has always been a star model released by its brand providing luxurious driving experience where the 2017 model of the Volkswagen Passat was a superb hit in the automobile market, 2019 model is made even larger and better. Being a product of German automakers, the Volkswagen Passat 2019 is a perfect bland of advanced technology and built-quality as per standards of brands. Passat is one of the highest believed vehicles by the Volkswagen thus; its features which are being added with every update make it even more worth and perfect match for the requirements of a car enthusiast or a person wishing to own a car which provides him / her comfortable, classy and luxurious ride. 2019 Passat is noticed with a appreciable loss in kerb weight and increase in wheelbase size as the update is strictly designed as per the new technological codes of the Volkswagen i.e. MQB platform.

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First impression is the last “impression”, ensuring this fact, the Volkswagen given the Passat 2019 a look which can mesmerize you at the very first design. Available in elegant and unique colours, this premium sedan will give you a breath taking moment as soon as you look at it. A perfect body line and stylish exteriors of the car, this automotive luxury is totally acceptable and appreciable. In previous decades, the sedan is shape was accepted yet less than suv’s and cross over sedans. The Volkswagen family now proves it to be a myth by designing their models as per Russian doll philosophy, due to which most of their cars have almost similar look. Passat 2019, is one of the classiest and stylish sedan available in automobile industry.

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Along with the exterior of the car, the interiors can blow your mind as soon as you get into it with its exclusively sizzling dark tinged Black leather, the car provides a freedom from the monotonous looks of the contemporary caus. The cabins of the car looks more spacious and rich having a wooden panel which ensures that the left space totally compliments with the black leather making the interior of the vehicle look sophisticated. The car have almost everything the reviews of Passat 2017 said, it remains totally unchanged after launch of Passat 2019 with decreasing the value of “almost”, the Volkswagen automobile have provided three zone climate control, a tyre pressure monitor gauge, Apple car play enabled touch screen unit and much more to the new up for making convenient. The safety guidelines are taken special care by providing 9 airbags. Presence of temperature rise, power-adjusted rear seats and many more such features ensure the Passat 2019 as a highly worth vehicle.

The update of Passat comes up with the technology advancement of supporting Volkswagen connect. The Volkswagen connect comes in built in the update providing remote assistance for the driver in sense of driving quality, fuel monitoring, route analysis and many more at fingertips. It also gives you an alert about any disturbance in car’s functioning or need for servicing of the vehicle. In case of any kind of breakdown during the journey, the app helps you to connect to the 24x7 service by Volkswagen, having experts to help you.

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Going deeper in the specifications of car, it is made by one of the most powerful engines of the decade. The premium sedan by Volkswagen is 2.0 liter, TDI turbo diesel unit, which has served many other sedans by Audi. The engine is obtained to be one of the smoothest runners by maximum survey reviews. Its power of generating torque of 350 Nm at power of 177 bhp dispatching smoothly DSG gearbox. The DSG is not very cheap to maintain but a dual-clutch assisted drive train does offer a fair deal. The Passat is teutonic underpinnings has made it even tougher to beat it by the competitors. The Passat was altered with great detailing by experts for providing expected pan quality.

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The Beginning price of the whole new update of this classic beauty is stated as Rs 25.99 lakh by the Volkswagen. Thus is considered totally worth as for providing power which suits to the D&G styled faux-fatigue wearing crossovers. As per the Volkswagen expectations and heat os market after the launch of Passat 2019, the car is supposed to make a huge impact on classic motorist’s bank statements. Passat 2019 is again launched as a leading sedan continuing the high standards of efficiency, class and comfort promised by the Volkswagen.