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The Dazzling Decade Of Volkswagen Motorsports Car India Range

If a car does not increase your heartbeat with every ride and by its speed and roaring engine, what else it offers you? Thus Volkswagen’s racing car range gives you the reason to turn your relaxing ride into a comfy yet adventurous ride. The sharpness of steering wheel, for rapid turns helps it in running with a speed of leopard with the same energy and roar of its engine. The encounter of two individual (as per reports) with the motor sports cars by Volkswagen proved to be worth as it produced fruitful observations about each car they had in last 10 years in both tarmac and rallying. The aggressive look of the step into it for experiencing the best of aped adventures on road. Though, every car was handled differently, the efficiency of each was yet unquestionable.

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The Dazzling Decade Of Volkswagen Motorsports Car India Range - Volkswagen Hyderabad

The very first model on the chart was 2010 Polo R Cup car which was the initial model launched in India by Volkswagen. The car operand in its diesel variant. The weight of the model was decreased by abandoning the ‘amenities’ of the model. The only body panels present in this model was the upper part of dashboard. The interior and exterior atmosphere are distinguishable. The exterior noise of the morning engine does not affect the atmosphere inside the cabin. Yet the diesel motor is very close to you without any barrier which enables you to experience every sensation and vibration, produced by the engine with every year shift or power stroke of the piston available. The clutches of race car are instantaneous and quick as it produces high power, higher RPM and less displacement. The diesel engine of this car was found way better than the petrol engines of the on road cars as there is zero turbo through the range. At power of 130 PS the engine generates 250 NM torque down the tarmac the sudden brake application does not make the car to go over control. The TDI race car is a 6-speed manual officially yet offers a good extent depending on your racing skills! Due to lack of ABS, the hard braking result in wheel locks oftentimes.

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The Dazzling Decade Of Volkswagen Motorsports Car India Range - Volkswagen Mumbai

The second model was nothing but the update of previous one i.e. Volkswagen Polo 2012, TSI (1.4 litre). The looks resembled with that of TDI yet this update, thus bridged every limitation of TDI, providing ABS, more powerful brakes and a DSG gearbox with paddle shifts which enables you to concentrate most on steering wheel. The engine used is both turbocharged and supercharged, designed to produce max power of 180 PS and resulting torque of 250 NM. The engine was lighter than 1.6 litre diesel which makes it rapid and sharper. The aggressive power pickup assurance and later brake applications does not indicate that the car may loose control. The car remains just rigid and strong as it is throughout the range. The next in series was Ameo cup car. The “born and brought up” in India car by Volkswagen motorsports i.e. a car which is designed in India and runs in India. The 1.8 litre turbocharged motor from Polo GTI is accepted in this model, with an update of new ECU and 6-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters. The engine is capable to produce power of 205 PS and torque of 320 NM. The Ameo is a racing animal as per the reports and drivers. It is very efficient and sharp, thus even an inch shift of steering can change the noising direction of car. The potential of turbo chassis with addition to racing makes it unbeatable. And yes, Ameo remains the most “fur-offering” car by the Volkswagen brand but compatible to others though.

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The Dazzling Decade Of Volkswagen Motorsports Car India Range - Volkswagen GOa

The next car on the brand was 2015 Vento cup car which beats POLO TSI and is moving ahead to steal position from Ameo cup car as well. The Vento is easier drive to race than Polo. Although it had some weight as Polo, yet offers better grip than it. But, this was not enough to beat Ameo cup car as dynamics says that Ameo is 4.6 seconds quicker than Vento around the circuit. All these cars were part of racing series offered by Volkswagen. It also offers many other options to be availed for racing series or track days. First from this category is Vento. Tc 4 race car, which is designed to compete is the touring car championship of country. Thus, for not-so-official option, a normal track day model, Vento track day car is accessible. It consists of same power train as Ameo cup car but develop 35 more horsepower with help of ECU. It is a proper combination of power and stability. The track day Vento’s ultimate power and sleeper torque curve just pushed out of corner. While, Ameo was the best car, with experience in the track, you would find Volkswagen Vento track day car most fun.

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The Dazzling Decade Of Volkswagen Motorsports Car India Range - Volkswagen Thane

If not tarmac, the three-rally spec Polos offered by Volkswagen motorsports INRC championship are good offerings by brand. Out of three, the Polo R2 was most attractive. It have a 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine which generated 160PS of power and torque of 210 NM of Torque. It consist of 5-speed sequential gearbox. The car have lot softer suspension as being a rally car. The Polo R2 have no WGS and DSG is very quick. The next was Polo Rx, launched under ‘winter project’ by Volkswagen, the team has built a 205 horse power, rear engine, rear wheel drive Polo for ultimate rush. The racing cars promise a lot to the racers customers. Volkswagen is thus a leading brand to offer speed, efficiency and perfection in the car series of Volkswagen motorsports which is being updated and made better with each passing day.