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The Indian market oriented, The Volkswagen T-Cross – All You Need To Know!

The launch of the new SUV's on the board by Volkswagen is much awaited and is expected to make it into markets in amend the corners of 2020 or beginning of 2021. The European model is based on the MQBAO platform, on which most of the upcoming models of Volkswagen are designed. Whereas the Indian model will be redesigned for a much economical option by providing a revised and cheaper version of this platform. The new platform which will be introduced for the Indian models, would be much affordable yet there will be no space of lags in terms of efficiency of the model as promised by the automakers, Volkswagen. The model will be much spacious than the other models which are present on the same ground/category.

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The Indian market oriented, The Volkswagen T-Cross – All You Need To Know - Volkswagen Hyderabad

The dimensions of the Indian model are expected to be larger too as it have a wheelbase of 2651 mm. The doors of the car would be larger than European models as well as better and more spacious cabins will be provided. Having a large wheelbase, the car have a good space at the rear section too providing a large leg space to the passengers at rear seat. For a more comfortable “touch” for the rear passengers, the Volkswagen has lower down the height of the seats if the front ensuring a better comfort and convenience to each and every person on the ride. Also, to suit the Indian routes, the Volkswagen has taken another step by giving the car a slightly higher ground clearance which could range upto 205 mm. The Indian version of Volkswagen T-Cross would be a convenient and “comfort freak” car which is assured by its suspension setup too. To counter this, the Indian Volkswagen T-Cross is expected to have larger area, solid anti-roll bars. The body roll contract is taken care by rear axle which will be setup stiffer fir this model.

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The Indian market oriented, The Volkswagen T-Cross – All You Need To Know - Volkswagen Mumbai

As described earlier, the cost and comfort are the two basic aspects to be taken most care of while redesign of the Volkswagen T-Cross. The Volkswagen is cutting the extra expenses by localizing the platform in India itself. The Indian variant will be made from hot-stamped steel and there would be no vulcanized rubber bushings. In addition to this, a lot of changes are expected to cut the expenses and make the car to fall in budget limit of model. These changes include unavailability of expensive seats (unlike European model), the removal of sliding second row bench that enables for variable boot space and others. The sealed-in-bearing and hubs on India variant will be less specifications too.

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Whereas, removal of these features donor pay a lot of harm on efficiency and class of model. The Indian T-Cross will have two petrol engines. The main engine will be 130 hp, 1.5 litre, four cylinder TSI. Since fuel economy is to be taken care if too, the Volkswagen provides cylinder deactivation technology which guarantees of saving 10% petrol during a ride. The other engine which will be accessible would be a 115 hp, 1.0 litre TSI, a three cylinder unit. Due to the government norms i.e. Bharat Stage-V1, there will be ni room of diesel cars on the chart of cars for India. Whereas, to make it even more economical yet customized, the Volkswagen is trying to have a version if CNG for this model too.

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The Indian market oriented, The Volkswagen T-Cross – All You Need To Know - Volkswagen India

On the whole of the price of Volkswagen T-Cross is worth its features, there would be no chance of failure or non-acceptance of the car in Indian markets providing a tough competition to Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier or the upcoming SUV’s. promising extreme comfort at a convenient cost, Volkswagen has developed a model for all! The Volkswagen T-Cross!