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Upcoming Volkswagen Cars In India

The Volkswagen automobiles have released their premium models since 2010 keeping up their standards high. Along with compact sub-compact sections, Volkswagen is ready enlighten the Indian market with their much more exciting SUV models promising perfect  features and a delight for all the “Big-Car” lovers. Year 2020 would be a turning point in the market of Indian automobiles as the new BS VI emission norms will be applicable and come into effect around April month and thus affecting strategies of various manufacturers adding to this many new models and updates are expected to be a part of Indian automobiles, for which Volkswagen is on their marks to set another example of efficiency through their SUV models.

Upcoming Volkswagen Cars In India - T-Cross - Mody group - Volkswagen Dealers

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The Volkswagen autos announced that they have done a big investment for the ease in process of producing and manufacturing the cars here in India itself which will directly effect its lateralization in Indian markets to increase it to 90 percent. Currently this localization for the present available models from Volkswagen i.e. Polo and Vento is around 65 percent whereas that for the Volkswagen Ameo it reached to 82 percent. Demolishing these limits of localization would be one of the major targets for the upcoming models from the company. In 2020, Volkswagen will bring be manufactured along with Skoda autos India. As per the sources the 2 models which are equally probable to appear in the markets by 2020 from Volkswagen’s treasure would be T-Cross and T-ROC but in different faces and with different identities yet  without sacrificing even an inch of perfection. The platform which would be used by the Volkswagen is MQB AO which will bring forth the highly lateralized SUV’s for the nation. The seat Arona is a product based on same platform and is an SUV which resembles with T-Cross in proportions. T-Cross is a compact SUV, the company is most likely to launch it in subcompact SUV segment keeping Indian routes in mind.

Upcoming Volkswagen Cars In India - T-Roc - Mody group - Volkswagen Dealers

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Although the company is probably thinking of adding T-Cross in this subcompact collections but its dimensions of about 4107mm (in length) will be appropriate for a SUV in compact section. Thus, the cars that will be launched by the Skoda and the Volkswagen would be in their compact SUV’s and will fit into the economical norms of the buyers. T-Cross is a car which would impress you just in a second with its extravagant looks and features which the buyers aim while having a deal of SUV’s the T-Cross is based on MQB platforms, some modifications would be done on the basis of specifications required in Indian markets such as suspensions, axles, driveshafts which will be brought and applied in India itself. Also, the interiors of the cars will be highly satisfactory to make your drive comfortable and stylish. Standing price tag of the automobile may range upto 10 lakh which makes it a tough competition for Hyundai Creta and Renault Captor. Skoda autos are planning another subcompact SUV i.e. vision X to be released soon.

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The second model which is equally like to make a room in the markets of Indian automobiles in 2020, is T-ROC. Promising a different look from that of regular SUV’s of the generation, T-ROC have a design featuring strikingly wide front and sporty snappy proportions which will elucidate its buyers. Thus filling the gap in needs of a buyer from T-Cross to the tiguan models of Volkswagen, T-ROC would be a premium SUV. Based on MQB platform T-ROC gives an intense look with its bodywork protectors around wheel arches and side skills which gives it a strong protection from both front and rear looks. Silent features of T-ROC contains emergency breaking, lane and front assistant area, monitoring and automatic post-collision breaking system providing extreme safety and easy handling. It would be a nail biting race between the T-ROC and other SUV’s being released by other manufacturers. But as usual, Volkswagen is too bad at failing thus they are all set for the race.

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Thus year 2020 will attract all the customers and grasp their attention towards the Indian automobile markets for the awesome SUV’s and many more segments providing choice for each person and taste. The Volkswagen is ready to set the Indian markets on fire once again with their premium models.