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Volkswagen Is Betting Its Future On Electric Cars! Because Future is Electric Automotive

In recent most updates and press releases by the Volkswagen group, it is made quiet sure that the upcoming Volkswagen models will have a good count of electric cars. The interest of the Volkswagen group can be noticed in advancement of technology and adaptation of new ideology for car designed for a while now. The next adaptation by Volkswagen would be the concept of electric cars on which, their work is accelerating at tremendous state.

Volkswagen Is Betting Its Future On Electric Cars! Because Future is Electric Automotive - Mody Group

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The plan of production of electric cars is taking much of efforts by the Volkswagen group. Therefore, they are planning to increase the quantity of cars to be launched under this category from 50 to 70 in the coming time space of around a decade. The Volkswagen has already indicated that they are making a huge input in terms of money and man power to the project of electric cars. The most expected and awaited model under this category are the upstarts such as Tesla (TSLA) which is already taking the lead in the chart of electric cars. The brand is expected to produce 22 million electric cars a cross its brand latest by 2028. The Volkswagen may indulge into the battery manufacturing jobs in Europe.

“Good things cost good”, accepting this the Volkswagen has announced some minor profit decrement by launch of these electric mobility investments. The Volkswagen group includes models from Audi, Porsche and Skoda, setting a record of 10.8 million car sales in 2018 where the ratio was in favour of plug in hybrids (60,000) to the electric vehicles having a count of 40,000. The cost of further development in car technology is supposed to be shared by a number of car makers around the globe. BMW (BMWYY) and Mercedes owners  (DDAIF) have formed on integration to participate on the concept of highly-automated and autonomous driving-freak models

Volkswagen Is Betting Its Future On Electric Cars! Because Future is Electric Automotive - Mody Group

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Another exotic collaboration which is announced and most heartedly awaited is of Ford (F) and Volkswagen. Both the brands are planning to build cars as union. Also, the research and investigation part on the issue of development of next-generation vehicles will be done by both the brands together. Previous week, Volkswagen started its opening of the modular electric toolkit, or MEB to other automakers. This platform is described as a “core” or “heart” of the electric vehicles, which are to be launched by Volkswagen group in their near future. Thus ensuring efficiency and technology in electric vehicles.

The German technology based automakers tied its electric production goals to efforts to slash the Co2 foot print of its automobile by 30% by year 2025. The sales of electric vehicles is targeted to be 40% by the year 1030. The two star models falling in electric car category are Tesla in luxury category – The Audi e – Tron and Porsche Toy car - will go into plan in this year itself. The expected or the recorded reservations of each model stated by Volkswagen is already reaching 20,000. Thus not even before full power, the electric cars are ruling the market already.