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Volkswagen Motor India Reveals Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Polo Winter Project Car

Volkswagen Motorsport India Completed its decade of perfection recently. On this special occasion, they announced a new and a unique project of special winter project car. Using the layout of Volkswagen Polo, the Polo winter project car is modified and designed by the factory team’s expert engineers and technicians in India and is a vehicle which can be brought “on-road” on daily purposes by Indian owners too. The update, Polo RX is a rear engined, rear wheel drive car based on the same technical specifications of engine in which Volkswagen Ameo cop car runs. The previous winters were all engaging for Volkswagen group members into this car’s design and thus the name of car is kept by same as Polo winter track car. In last nine years the advancement by Volkswagen motorsport is noticeable enough. The car development in Germany and researching and developing of cars in India were its achievements Volkswagen claimed that its motorsport team has pushed limits of uniqueness and perfection by designing winter project car which is totally out of box. This new update does not conform to the racing rules and protocols thus making it an appropriate track tool. It is a one-off build vehicle to be used on regular basis.

Volkswagen Motor India Reveals Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Polo Winter Project Car - Mody Group

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The winter project cars are provided with one of the best technical aspects. The 1.8 litre TSI engine from Ameo cup is an engine design of Polo RX as well which is perfectly combined with a sequential gearbox with paddle shifters to make it convenient and efficient. The basic barrier issues on designing of winter project for a refined and new configuration were the issues such as creating right monts for engine, gearbox and the suspension at the rear end of vehicle. The modification of position of turbocharged engine’s inter cooler was done as it was placed underneath the rear seats. The airflow to the engine had to be observed properly and to avoid any drawbacks due to this, the air ducts were installed at the back. In addition, special pipes and ducts were provided to get the cooling system and fuel systems functioning. The arrangement of inter cooler which was kept at designated place of fuel tank affected that of later too, as it had to be shifted to front of the car connecting it to be shifted to front of the car connecting it to the engine located at the back of car. The system integration and wiring harness routing were also some time consuming and important aspects to be wonder on by the team experts. Increasing the convenience of the driver, the suspension system was also rebuilt and modification to work as per handling and preferences of the driver.

Volkswagen Motor India Reveals Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Polo Winter Project Car - Mody Group

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When the head of Volkswagen Motorsport was asked about the launch of its new Polo RX winter project car, he proudly claimed that he is very much excited and proud by launch of its winter project car, Polo RX and also, he praised the efforts of his whole team as said that apart from unavailability of very advanced technology and high end softwares, the team was capable of producing this output in such a less time. It took around three weeks, to get this premium vehicle ready. The young and highly enthusiast engineers played a major role in production of this project. Further discussing, he said that a rear engine, real wheel car is extremely unique in terms of the performance as compared to the existing conventional front engine, front wheel drive race models. As, the balancing is managed and supervised by the rear wheel, the potential of front wheels can be used appropriately for turning of car in a sleek manner therefore enhancing the grat performance extent of the car.

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The competitive purposes are not satisfied fully by the winter project car yet, but the Volkswagen motorsport India team is adapting the car to suit and fit into regulations for the various forms of motorsports such as autocross, circuit racing or rallying. The official in veiling ceremony was done on 12th march for the winter project car at the Madra Motor Race Track (MMRT) in Chennai. The markets await for the running of these new and unique automobiles by Volkswagen.