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Volkswagen Partnership With Microsoft to Develop Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

Automotive cloud is the new emerging technology, which is trying to fit in various industries to provide a whole new experience to the customers. Whenever new technologies are launched in market, Volkswagen automobiles ensure to make it their aim for providing it to the customers maintaining their high standards and hence providing increased facilities through their advanced automobile models. In recent news updates, Microsoft; the biggest Technology providers have ensured a collaboration with German automakers, Volkswagen for launch of Volkswagen automotive cloud which will provide advanced and efficient practical application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and many more advanced features via web technology in automobile industry promising revolution in this industry. Volkswagen is looking forward to increase the market of its models in countries like China and Europe.

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Microsoft, the software driven multinational company, claimed that the automotive cloud which was earlier designed only for European markets would be now modified with support of Microsoft for release in new locations. This new Azure based model designs will bring a transformation for Volkswagen. ID is the first automobile which is expected to run in European markets till 2020 consisting automotive cloud as a key feature. The vehicle may also be launched in China simultaneously. According to a joint press release from Microsoft and Volkswagen, the technology is making progress and they are totally optimistic about launching it in 2020. Volkswagen affirmed that it professionals both mechanical and information and Technology Sector are working on the models for making it huge success in the development centre located in Seattle accompanied by Microsoft developers.

The most important benefit and objective of Volkswagen to collaborate with the Microsoft is developing a technology providing immense information and facilities to the customers of various nations like you Europe and China, along with further launching in USA. For leaving footprints in global automobile industry it is an another successful step of Volkswagen which has launched it's German methodology driven models since the establishment. This Automotive cloud will be used as a base technology serving as Foundation for the service data operation for the upcoming models by the brand. Automotive cloud is designed as per backbone of digital ecosystem for the Volkswagen.

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On adding to the launch of Automotive cloud the two brands are working together on the very exclusive project coming into Lime light which is about lighthouses with active of connecting vehicles. Which connects these vehicles with lighthouses for a better communication and navigation system. Also some personalized services are expected from this Lighthouse project automated linking to the phone conferences and sharing of navigation destinations. All these features will add on to the existing standards of both the brand in their respective fields i.e. software developing for Microsoft and automobile branding for the Volkswagen group this project may include the combination for effect of Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Office.

Increasing the Global effect of cloud services it will be a nail biting experience waiting for the launch as it hold interest of how the company is going to include Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensory collect and more to improve the existing high standards of multinational company, The Volkswagen.