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Volkswagen Passat Connect Launched in India

Volkswagen launched its Volkswagen Passat in its sub-compact section in year 2017. Making it even better the brand launches its Passat Connect in year 2019 as their variants for the existing model. These variants are available in both comfort line at a price ranging to Rs25.99 lakh and Passat highline for which an expense of Rs28.99 lakh was fixed which was decreased from a price at which it was launched earlier in the price range of about 32 lakh. The Volkswagen connect system works upon the technology phenomenon of OBD-11 reader and trademarked app. To know more about their rides, the drivers or the owners of the Passat connect are provided with a facility of plug-and-play system and a quite help of assistant for monitoring their driving style for improving the economy. In addition to existing amazing features, a few specifications such as fuel cost examination, SOS calling, trip inquiries etc. makes Passat even more worth buying and driving.

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Besides the launch of new connect features, the Passat remains unvaried. It consists of 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel motor which develops up to 177ps of maximum power and torque of 350Nm at peak. Promising ARAI-certified mileage of 17.42kmpl. Passat is efficient for the long drives as well. Some characteristics features for which buyers can look in the new launch are:

  • A lower price than the previous launch at a starting price of INR 25.99 lakh which makes it more worth and economical for Indian markets.
  • For an aggregate customer satisfying experience this intelligent automobile provides inbuilt technical patron cost to the drivers. Thus providing an easy access to road/route monitoring, fuel cost estimation, emergency calling driving behavior examination etc.
  • The whole new Passat sets new standards to the luxury and efficiency in the markets of automobiles by proving few more security measures such as 9 airbags, hill start assist, auto hold, Rear camera with 360 degree area view for safe and easy parkings, intelligence assistant via app connects.
  • Along with these technical specifications, the interiors of the car is also modified for a better and even more classy and comfortable experience of driving. Features include, NPPA leather seats, LED lamps, electrical adjustable front seat, fantastic chassis control and easy open boot among others.

The silent features of the intelligence app includes:

  • Trip tracking: Whenever you take off for your journey, you may now track the paths covered by your vehicle just by connecting your mobile phones to the car.
  • Fuel cost monitor: To save you from instant break down of your journey due to empty tanks, the feature of fuel cost monitor enables you to have a check on the fuel expenses you have made trip or  month wise for further planning thus ensuring a cost estimation check.
  • Driving behavior: While driving, the drivers must have an idea of the facts related to accelerations, breaks, engine peak speed, instantaneous speed or the engine temperature so as to Manvour it as per his requirements.
  • Location sharing: In the confusing routes of countries like India, this feature enables you to share your location with someone who wants to track your location thus ensuring less chaos in meeting.
  • SOS call: You don’t have to learn or to get confused in the moments of emergency for the helpline numbers now, your car will do that for you. This feature enables you to call the helplines for assistant with instant command.
  • Service appointment: The app is efficient enough to make your car servicing scheduled and informing directly to the dealership that your car needs its service to be done by a particular day. Thus solving the issues of late servicing and lack of conveniency of customers
  •  Speaking in favour of the Passat connect, the director, Volkswagen Passenger cars  claimed that the Volkswagen Passat is made for the car enthusiasts who take driving as their passion with pleasure. He also stated that, the standards of efficiency and convenience which are set by the Volkswagen Passat would be taken a step further by providing intelligence services in it as its update which will definitely increase the luxurious and convenience level of the automobile as it provide features of fuel cost estimation, SOS calling etc. at their fingertips thus without disturbing them during driving, other tasks can be performed easily and quickly.

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The interactive “connect” application can be accessed by connecting your smartphones through “plug and play” data dongle fitted to the OBD i.e. onboard diagnostics port available inbuilt in car. Connection is based on Bluetooth thus just by connecting your phone’s Bluetooth you can experience and utilize these features for a better drive. This application is available at both IOS and Android platforms hence can be downloaded from app store and google play respectively. Hence for every customer of the Volkswagen automobiles its easily accessible and makes their experience even more magical while driving.