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Volkswagen Passat Or Skoda Superb, Which One To Choose?

The Volkswagen Passat is considered as one of the leading premium sedan promising ultimate efficiency and luxury to its owners on the same table, we have a “superb” model at its name suggests-Skoda Superb (style TSI MT) to give a good competition to the luxurious sedan The Passat by Volkswagen on the grounds of comfort, convenience and class. All in all, these almost perfect models are really though to distinguish and to choose one between these two Although the models have a good count of similarities some major differences are recognizable and thus bring changes for a better sight on choices for a customer pulling out a cut-throat competition between the two models.

Volkswagen Passat Or Skoda Superb, Which One To Choose - Mody Group

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The Volkswagen Passat is one of the most advanced car models released in Indian markets. It works on an automatic DSG engine whereas engine used in Skoda is a Turbo charged, in time, direct injection type, which is capable of producing maximum power of 177 BHP at 4000 rpm whereas maximum power generated by Passat’s engine reaches to 174 BHP at 3600 rpm. The torque produced by Passat‘s engine is 350 Nm art 1500 rpm whereas that for Skoda Superb’s engine produces a torque of 320 Nm at 1450 rpm. The mileage provided by Passat is also better than that offered by Skoda Superb as Passat gives a mileage of 17.42 KMPL whereas that for Skoda Superb is recorded as 14.12 KMPL. The Skoda Superb is of manual transmission whereas Volkswagen Passat is automatic. The fuel tank capacity of both the models is same i.e. 66 litre so is their valve configuration and fuel type as diesel.

Volkswagen Passat Or Skoda Superb, Which One To Choose - Mody Group

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Inspite of the small changes in the size of both the models they still vary. The length, width and height of Skoda Superb is obtained to be 4861 mm, 1864 mm and 1483 mm being a bit larger to length (1467 mm), width (1832 mm) and height (1456 mm) of Volkswagen Passat have a greater weight of 1550 kg whereas Skoda Superb weighs 1494 kg. The bootspace provided by Skoda Superb is 6252 litres while that by Passat remains 586 litres. Improvising a better control on the car, Passat offers dual clutch, sports mode and driving mode options with the Skoda Superb lags. The front and rear tyres of the Passat and Skoda Superb are identical having 215/55 R17 dimensional aspect whereas the spare wheels in Passat are of alloy type, which for Skoda Superb is of steel material.

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Taking safety measures in concern, the Volkswagen makes Passat with airbags whereas the count for same in Skoda Superb is 8. Passat have dual stage airbags, tyre pressure mentioning system, antilock braking system etc. which Skoda Superb do not offer except the ABS feature. Thus on grounds of security as well, the Passat remains unbeatable. The air conditioner in both the models, are automatic yet in Passat it is of three zonal type whereas that for Skoda Superb is dual zone. Rear air conditioners are provided in Separate zone for Passat and for Skoda Superb it is for vents only. The parking is assisted by auto steering for Passat and for Skoda Superb it is done by reverse camera with guidance. The interiors are in dual tone for both models. The sunroof is electrically adjustable for Passat. Skoda offers the same in panoramic sunroof.

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Comparing both the models in the sight of economy, the expense is quite identical yet bears a bit difference. The Passat highline connect is offered at a price of Rs 28.99 lakh whereas the Skoda Superb cost an expense of Rs 25.98 lakh to the owners. The vibrant colour offers, usually given by Volkswagen was raised a bar with the availability of colours deep black, attonic blue, black oak and so on. The Skoda Superb is available in a lower yet a fair options of shades as brown metallic, business grey metallic and grey white. Apart from belonging to the same category and offer same specifications, the cars can be guided properly and can be chooser wisely by the customers.