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Volkswagen Passat Vs Toyota Camry Vs Skoda Superb Comparison – Price, Specifications

In the era of new launches everyday choosing a “perfect” match for your requirement list of car is becoming tough. The basic comparisons on which you can differentiate between the cars are on the grounds of class, comfort, convenience and cost. Comparing the models of same Sedan categories i.e. Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Passat and Toyota Camry would be fair enough. Although, the results are always found to be in the favour of the premium most Sedan, Volkswagen Passat, the other two models are found tough competitions too. Running a car which is the vital element of garage these days whereas luxuries like Volkswagen Passat is owned and loved by the Indian markets too. Adding to this Camry is also one of the “accepted” models by Indian markets. But who wins the race then?

Volkswagen Passat Vs Toyota Camry Vs Skoda Superb Comparison – Price, Specifications - Volkswagen Hyderabad

“First impression is the last impression” and thus comparing these models on the grounds of looks and styling becomes essential as they are different from each others at a good extent. Camry have a sharp edge look having low esque nose which looks not so low by the width of model. The Camry have a sporty look with its wide wraparound tail lamps and 18 inch wheels. On the contrary, Superb have an ethnic and traditional look being extremely classy having heavily detailed headlamps, butterfly grill, long wheel base makes it look good enough. Whereas Volkswagen Passat wins the market with its look having a calm and sophisticated view. The unique LED light signatures on tail-lamp makes it look aggressive yet attractive. Thus the choice on the basis of taste of view is made quite easy by the designers.

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Volkswagen Passat Vs Toyota Camry Vs Skoda Superb Comparison – Price, Specifications - Volkswagen Mumbai

The interior look almost alike for all the models. Superb owns the most spacious and airy back seats having light beige colours of interiors, Superb have a calm interior. Accompanying Skoda, Volkswagen, a branch which have an ultimate target of comfort for customers have a good and enough space for luxury in Passat. Passat have a much similar gearbox as Skoda. The infotainment system, faux wood trim and flipside in rear seat makes Passat an ultimate comfortable vehicle. The Camry is designed with a good space-age styling manner having multiple surfaced dash, basic efficient infotainment and a few little features. All the  three cars allows you to have a good option of comfort ride along with a high class experience thus judging and making a decision on this base may be considered as tough.

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The Passat remains best at the field of safety test as well having the most efficient 360 degree camera. Although air bags are present in all the three cars at passengers, side, rear and certain areas. The Superb does not have a driver knee airbags whereas other two have airbags there too. All the three cars offer a tyre pressure monitoring systems, fraction control, will decent control and parking brakes. The Camry’s new updates have raised a bar inside and handling of automobiles. The suspensions of Camry have a nod-noisy working formula whereas the success of absorption of the jerks by speed breaks in case of Passat and Superb. Passat is a bit more noisy and roars at the roads testing it’s gate of success on its own as it have a highly communicative steering. Superb have softer suspensions and light steering else is based on the power you apply to the breaks and accelerators.

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Volkswagen Passat Vs Toyota Camry Vs Skoda Superb Comparison – Price, Specifications - Volkswagen Hyderabad

The Passat and Superb are some “old is gold” models having traditional engine configuration whereas Camry is the new car with new and fresh configuration. The Volkswagen Passat have a 2.0 litre TDI motor making 177PS at 4000 rpm and torque of 350 Nm at max. 3000 rpm paired with a six-speed DSG, the gear controlling is easy and rapid. Whereas Superb lies with all these qualities. The Passat (according to test) is found to be one of the fastest to travel from 0 to 100 KMPH run. The Passat offers a mileage of 12.31 KMPL where, that offered by superb is 13.52 KMPL. The Camry have an output database different to that of Superb and Passat, giving 218 PS at 5700 rpm and torque of 22 Nm at about 5200 rpm. The time taken to complete a particular distance ranging from 0-160 KMPH is lesser than Passat and Superb both. The electric motor bridges the gap to make Camry close to Passat and Superb. The mileage offered by Camry is 16 KMPL.

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Economy plays a vital role in the selection of cars, and thus Volkswagen offers so many features at a lesser price than Superb and Camry. The expense of Passat may reach up to Rs 40.22 lakh whereas that for Superb and Camry are Rs 40.71 lakh and Rs 44.09 lakh respectively. The compromise is not at all welcomed by any model of Volkswagen, and thus Passat have everything which suits your comfort, class and cost too!