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Volkswagen Rules Out Jetta 4 motion, Jetta R – All You Need To Know About Volkswagen Jetta R & 4 Motion

Changes and updates are tough to accept yet essential for livelihood, same goes for automobile industry. Thus, Volkswagen has decided for ruling out is one of the fit and fast model Jetta in its Jetta 4 motion and Jetta R variant to ensure that Volkswagen’s garage may have only best ad beyond perfection models. According to the company sources, the company believes that there is no increasing a even stable market for any of these models. Thus, ruling out the models is the only and favorable option for the company.

Volkswagen Rules Out Jetta 4 motion, Jetta R – All You Need To Know About Volkswagen Jetta R & 4 Motion - Volkswagen Hyderabad

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The release of Jetta became a very good raise in the sales group for the German automakers, Volkswagen. The idea development of Jetta GTI in 2019 was released to ensure and check the creation of GTI with a trunk. Whereas the company claimed that they will not invest any capital or time for the same and is going to release Golf R with a trunk. Thus changing ideas for these models are expected and accepted.

The present Jetta works on the same modular MQB platform on which Golf was designed. The model is enabled to easily receive the R’s 300-horsepower turbo four, its 4 motion all-wheel drive system, plus the hardware that makes it go and it does. The model have everything tending to perfect except the economy it offers as it does not fit on the scales of business or market. The Golf is expected to bridge the difference and the brand, Volkswagen is trying it’s best to provide this result.

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Volkswagen Rules Out Jetta 4 motion, Jetta R – All You Need To Know About Volkswagen Jetta R & 4 Motion - Volkswagen Mumbai

Picture Credit: Auto Evolution (Volkswagen 4Motion)

“The Golf R customers are not typical Volkswagen customers”-as claimed by Serban Boldea, the director of Product marketing, Volkswagen who adding onto this said that the Golf R is a classier choice which will raise the bars for the models coming in its way for competition. The Golf R may cost a little bit higher yet proves to be a proper worthy automobile which can addict you with its awesomeness. As per the statements, the team of German automakers, Volkswagen was found confident about their future release of Golf R.

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In the occasion of the praising, addressing the sources, the director of product marketing Volkswagen, Mr. Serban Boldea also added that due to new entries, the older and not so models like 4 motion. Jetta should not be the part of offers. The all-wheel drive Jetta have a huge competition with the present models like Subaru Impreza, which offers standard technology and features and the latest Mazda 3 which offers the same thing with add on expenses. Whereas the other competitors of Jetta, from same category are front wheeled. Therefore ruling out the 4 motion would be essential to invest time and capital (human and economy) on the something which is bigger and better!