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Volkswagen Takes Driver-less Tech To Next Level; Adds Highly Automated Cars On Road

Volkswagen, the German automakers, recently announced their venture of testing the ‘on-field’ specifications and efficiency of automated cars on the roads of Hamburg. For the first time, the brand has begun to examine automated driving to level 4 at the practical conditions of German city. A feet of five e-golf, equipped with laser scanners, cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radars would be tested by running on 3KM section of test bed for automated and linked driving in the Hanseak city. Thus digging and technologies in their roots i.e. in German cities, the brand embrace itself to provide the best in the world once again. Whenever, new technologies are introduced, they automatically gets on the targets of Volkswagen, achieving it with extreme perfection and thus definitely raising bar for others who are in market or wish to enter.

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Volkswagen Takes Driver-less Tech To Next Level; Adds Highly Automated Cars On Road - Volkswagen Hyderabad

The output of the test drivers, which will be accurately maintained and evaluated taking into consideration the data protection rules that will be analyzed and examined for automated driving and the individual transport, also customer centric services of vehicle. Thus all these aspects are taken very special care of. The nine KM test bed for automated and connected driving is in construction in the city of Hamburg, which is expected to be completed by 2020. The changes in other road equipments like updating the traffic lights which will have advanced technique for infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication which will ensure ease and efficiency for the travelers.

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Volkswagen Takes Driver-less Tech To Next Level; Adds Highly Automated Cars On Road - Volkswagen Mumbai

The new release, The e-Golf have the advanced features of eleven laser scanners, seven radars and 14 cameras. The specifications are able to transfer data of about 5 gigabytes of data, per minute during the regular test drives, which ends up in several hours. The e-Golf have a computing power equivalent of about 15 laptops combined together. This significant capacity for computing ensures and accounts in data of pedestrians, cyclists, fellow cars, intersections, rights of way, parked vehicles and much more over shorter distance in least time (milliseconds). Thus e-Golf have a very rapid and efficient computing power obtained during the drive of the vehicle. Apart from having a number of information from the different sources, which may or may not resemble from each other, the vehicle is made enable by the use of artificial intelligence for the registration and respond for the relevant objects without producing any false or unwanted alarms.

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Volkswagen Takes Driver-less Tech To Next Level; Adds Highly Automated Cars On Road - Volkswagen India

Several artificial intelligence approaches like deep learning, neutral networks and pattern recognition ensures the computation to be correct and quick and thus free from man-made errors on the safety grounds, the Volkswagen is planning to appoint well trained, aware and efficient test drivers who can handle the steering wheel of the car during all test driving conditions in Hamburg. These test drivers will be trained for the monitoring of driving functions and also to control the vehicle in adverse or emergency situation. The data protection rules will be taken the most care of. Thus, e-Golf test drivers are expected to provide fruitful outputs for implementation and launch of vehicle for markets and roads of more than Germany.