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Volkswagen's Futuristic All-Electric Dune Buggy Embraces Its 1960’s Roots

Volkswagen, recently added another gem to its collection of atheistic and mesmerizing car models by launch of its ID Buggy concept in it's ID line collection, which is based on a conviction of electrical vehicles. The ideology of launching electric vehicle based models have always showcased the advancement of automaker industry in electric field. The ID Buggy is basically an all dune electrical vehicle concept with the looks of reborn of the 1960’s California subculture fair consisting models. This global debut of the whole new ID Buggy concept with its 1960’s look, by Volkswagen was made on 4th March of 2019. Being a matter of all the attentions of the people attending 89th Geneva International motor show, this vehicle showcased the upcoming trends of automobiles consisting electric drive toolkit chassis or MEB.

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MEB was found to practice in grounds from 2016. It is a flexible modular system for designing of vehicles strictly electrically driven which makes these Volkswagen even more efficient and economic. Not withstanding the fact that the ID Buggy is a 2-seater, vehicle, it can also be converted to a family car I.e. 2+2 seater, for which an extra electric motor should be added to rear axle in order to convert Buggy to a 4-seater drive as the engineer claimed. The transposable design allows to composite upper body to be isolated from MEB chassis. According to VW experts this feature will open up an ample of possibilities for third party manufacturer as original was done in case of design of the primitive Buggies.

Throwing lights on the specifications of ID Buggy, the engineering experts from Volkswagen to have a 62kwh lithium-ion battery and a 201 horsepower electric motor in front to reach up to a limit of mileage of 155miles on WLTP cycle. ID Buggy is a proper open vehicle with zero count of doors and not even the roof making it most suitable for the long drive weathers. Thus reaching new heights of classy models, Volkswagen’s new launch is made strictly according to the elegancy check. The exterior of the car has three-dimensional oval LED headlights and taillights which makes it look a lot different from others. Having LED stand on the forehead of car the Volkswagen’s logo, the vehicles leaves you astonished by the painting pattern as well.

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Every year, Volkswagen comes up with new and leading technological updates at International auto shows. Past few years, Volkswagen has given many statements regarding its ID line of concept electric vehicles which are being implemented also.

ID Buzz, a new model expected to be a member of camper van family soon is the electric all-wheel drive microbus. The idea was given by Volkswagen in 2017. Also ID vision self-driving sedan concept was launched by the brand in North American International auto show previous year where ID Crozz and ID Buzz are already being worked on, ID Buggy’s come up is still in suspense.

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Volkswagen is setting up new factories for manufacturing electric vehicles. The company announced an investment of 800 million dollars to expand US factor in Chattanooga, Tenn. For productions of new generation of electrical vehicles, the company is also constructing a European facility in Zwickau, Germany set to begin production in 2019 whereas production of electrical vehicles at Tennessee factory which will produce these vehicles using Volkswagen MEB chassis will begin in 2022. Thus Volkswagen is all set for the implementation of ID line of concept making electrical vehicles debut in automobile market by the brand.