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What is Volkswagen Connect? All You Need To Know About.

The Volkswagen group of automobile have always launched their pre-existing premium car models making them even better in every aspect. Adding to this, Volkswagen has launched an app named as Volkswagen connect which bridges the difference between your thinking and your car's operations i.e it acts as an interface between you and your car, which enables  you to have a better experience while driving that is even more convenient and comfortable.

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Volkswagen always aims at providing ultimate convenience and efficiency to its customers by increasing features and advanced technologies. The Volkswagen connect is available at both iOS and Android platforms thus can be downloaded on your smartphones via app store and play store respectively which makes it fit for all the customers either apple users or android holders. Volkswagen connect is an app featuring operations to examine your overall driving experiences and the past journey travelled by the vehicle as per your commands providing a better view for planning of future and analysis of the sector of concern. The functions include:

Driving style: It examines your driving style by monitoring the application of breaks, acceleration and other aspects while driving by giving point system which helps you do examine the driving style for improvement.

Assistance call: This feature enables you to perform sos call in moment of emergency without panicking on your fingertips.

Fuel monitoring: This features gives information about fuel consumption by the automobile in your previous journey or on monthly basis.

Location sharing: Spotting your partners in an over crowded place is now made easiest by Volkswagen connect features which provide you the exact location of your loved ones and vise versa.

Service appointment: This application is an interface between the needs of your car and you hence it provide a feature of connecting your service provider to you by sending a remainder whenever your car needs servicing.

Not only these features, other features such as parking assisatnce, trip history, route monitoring etc ..makes it even more worth giving a try. All you need to access these up listed features at your fingertips is your smartphones with Android version above 6.0 and IOS version 9.0 (above),the Volkswagen connect app ;which can be easily downloaded from play store or app store depending on the operating system of your device, the volkswagen connect data plug and a compatible Volkswagen model which holds the port to support the feature.

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Volkswagen Data plug is an OBD (onboard diagnoses) connector commonly known as dongle which gather information of your journey and send it to your phone via bluetooth. It is connected to a diagnostic port located usually near driver's Foot.

The models launched by the Volkswagen India, which are compatible of connecting Volkswagen data plug and providing the features are as follows:

  • Volkswagen Polo in its 1.0MPI, 1.5TDI, GT TSI and GT TDI variants
  • Volkswagen Ameo with 1.0MPI, 1.5 TDI and 1.5TDI DDG specifications
  • Volkswagen Vento:  in all variants
  • Volkswagen Passat:  in all variants
  • Volkswagen Tiguan:  in all variants

The application takes nearly 5 seconds to connect, when properly paired  with your smartphones via bluetooth. The settings are restored after any kind of disturbing action such as leaving the car for a while, which decreases the pain of regular connecting and disconnecting procedure. An individual can register into this app through their email  I-D.

Thus ensuring premium comfort and ease in your driving experience which makes Volkswagen connect , a technology to be owned proudly for a classy and comfortable ride.